Residential Solar Systems


Greentech utilizes the latest technology to provide 24/7 power to your home, utilizing solar panels (photovoltaics, or PV), inverters (to convert the power generated for loads), and batteries. We utilize the most advanced technology to provide the most efficient back-up, grid-tied and hybrid solutions.

Back-Up Power Solutions
Consisting mainly of battery and inverter, our backup systems supply power to essential appliances (routers, servers, lights and PCs) seamlessly in power outages. These backup power solutions are also known as uninterrupted power supply (UPS). The Utility power keeps batteries charged prior to power outages, providing a hassle-free experience during downtime.

Key Benefits

  • Uninterruptible power supply to essential appliances
  • Seamless transfer of power in outages
  • Can be integrated into existing distribution board

On-grid Systems
Comprising solar panels and inverters, on-grid systems supply power to all daytime loads using free energy from the sun. This system design significantly reduces energy consumption and electricity bill — and depending on the region — provides the option to feedback excess power to the grid for later usage.

Key Benefits

  • Significant reduction of energy expenses
  • Net metering, export of excess energy for later use at a subsidized cost (in applicable regions).
  • Expected return on investment (ROI) of 3 -5 years
  • Expandable to a full hybrid system to go off the grid

Hybrid Solar Systems
This solution is a combination of on-grid and back-up systems to give you a synergy of the best of both worlds. Solar PV supplies power to appliances during the day, and uses excess power to charge batteries which power the home at night. Our smart systems maximize self consumption to increase independence from the grid and save energy costs from utility price hikes.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced operational costs
  • System is expandable to be off completely off-grid and energy independent