Specialized Solar Services


Our specialized services include EPC services, feasibility studies, operations and maintenance, project consultation, supply chain services, product knowledge and technical support, and financial analysis (capex reduction).

Greentech offers subcontracting services for government projects (utility-scale or mini-grid/microgrids) and has vast experience with developing and commissioning solar and infrastructure projects across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Feasibility Studies are essential for any large-scale power project. Greentech can support in the analysis of design considerations such as project design, product, and installation costs, including the feasibility of solar vs other technologies, coupling solar with other power generation sources, and lifecycle operations and maintenance costs.

Though most solar and storage installations require much fewer operations and maintenance than other forms of renewable generation (and far less than non-renewable sources) – Greentech offers the quality, in-depth, and highest standard of  O&M services.